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The suffix ist

The suffix ist forms masculine nouns that belong to the inflection class en/en. The nouns denote male persons. Often, they are related to a corresponding word in ismus (e.g. Marxismus–Marxist). Like ismus, ist is very productive, i.e. it is frequently used to form new words.

Derivation types: Noun to noun
Adjective to noun
Verb to noun
Neoclassical formative to noun

Noun to noun

Avantgarde + ist = Avantgardist
Darwin Darwinist
Kapital Kapitalist
Piano Pianist
All derivations

Adjective to noun

aktiv + ist = Aktivist
human Humanist
konform Konformist
sozial Sozialist
All derivations

  • Deletion of isch:
    When an adjective ends in isch, the ending isch is deleted:
    amerikanisch + ist = Amerikanist
    hellenisch Hellenist
    nordisch Nordist
  • Variant izist:
    Sometimes, the variant izist instead of ist is added after the deletion of isch:
    attisch + ist = Attizist
    klassisch Klassizist
    Adjectives in isch show the same behaviour when they are combined with ismus and istisch.
  • Replacement of är with ar
    egalitär + ist = Egalitarist
    monetär Monetarist
  • Replacement of ell with al
    okkasionell = ist + Okkasionalist
    sensuell Sensualist

Verb to noun

exorzieren + ist = Exorzist
komponieren Komponist
kopieren Kopist
publizieren Publizist
All derivations


Neoclassical formative to noun

angl + ist = Anglist
dent Dentist
flor Florist
soph Sophist
All derivations

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