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The suffix ik

The suffix ik forms feminine nouns that belong to the inflection class -/en. The nouns are, for example, names for scientific fields (e.g. Informatik), collective nouns (e.g. Problematik), or they denote a characteristic (e.g. Theatralik).

Derivation types: Adjective to noun
Neoclassical formative to noun

Adjective to noun

The suffix ik combines mostly with adjectives ending in isch. The ending isch is deleted:

linguistisch + ik = Linguistik
mechanisch Mechanik
problematisch Problematik
theatralisch Theatralik
All derivations

Neoclassical formative to noun

graph + ik = Graphik
kinet Kinetik
naut Nautik
All derivations

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