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Geographical names

Rule | Stem+Ending | Fully inflected
There are two inflection groups for geographical  names: names that take an article (die Schweiz, der Rhein), and names without article (Deutschland, Wien). See Article with proper names.

Without article with article

Stem Ending
Nominative Stem -
Accusative -
Dative -
Genitive s

All geographical names of this class

  • Apostrophe in the genitive:
    In names ending in s, ß, x or z the in the genetive is substituted by an apostrophe. This form is very rare.

    Florenz’ Innenstadt, Paris’ Metro

    More frequent are the paraphrases with von or the corresponding adjective:

    die Innenstadt von Florenz, die Pariser Metro

  • Gender = neuter
    All geographical names that usually do not take an article are neuter. This can be seen, for example, when they are accompanied by an adjective:

    das französischsprachige Belgien, das moderne Zürich, das historische Rom, das menschenleere Alaska;
    das geheimnisvolle Bali mit seinen Reisterrassen
    es hat in seiner Geschichte viele Kriege gesehen.

  • Genitive without s when used with a determiner
    When proper names that usually do not take an article are used with an article or another determiner, the s of the gentitive form is often dropped:

    die Geschichte des modernen Europas or des modernen Europa
    die Reisterassen
    des geheimnisvollen Balis or des geheimnisvollen Bali

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