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Linguistic Terms

substantive  noun  
word class  part of speech  
noun compound  
to nominalize  to substantivate  
noun group  noun phrase  


Noun: Case
Noun: Gender
Noun: Grammatical categories
Noun: Inflection
Noun: Inflection: Inflection classes
Noun: Introduction
Noun: Number
Noun: Semantic classes
Phrases: Noun phrase


Compounding: Adjective + Noun
Compounding: Adjective + Noun + Noun
Compounding: Adverb + Noun
Compounding: Noun
Compounding: Noun + Noun
Compounding: Pronoun + Noun
Compounding: Pseudo-word + Noun
Compouning: Verb + Noun
Derivation: Adjective to noun
Derivation: Noun derivation
Derivation: Noun to noun
Derivation: Verb to noun
Neoclassical wordformation: Noun
Neoclassical wordformation: Noun: Compounding
Neoclassical wordformation: Noun: Compounding+Suffixation
Neoclassical wordformation: Noun: Conversion
Neoclassical wordformation: Noun: Prefixation+Suffixation
Neoclassical wordformation: Noun: Suffixation


Substantiv: Noun, Neuter
Spelling Word Forms Wordformation


Related Terms

Synonyms   Hauptwort, Nomen
Generic term   Wortart

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